The Barack Hussein Obama Intifada - by Beyond The Cusp

The Barack Hussein Obama Intifada - by Beyond The Cusp
Where Hamas and Fatah may each be accusing the other of being guilty of showing lack of unity in what is now being called the “Jerusalem Intifada”, they both fully support the violence called for against Israel and Jews in general. The difference in opinions is to how wide the violence should spread and who gets the credit. Hamas wants a general Intifada throughout the West Bank and against Israel from Gaza while Fatah, sometimes mistakenly referred to as the Palestinian Authority, wants the violence only in the Israeli controlled areas of the West Bank.

The reasons given for the new “Jerusalem Intifada” is two fold. First is the announcement of Israeli intent to add 1600 housing units in the Jewish neighborhood of Ramat Shlomo just outside Jerusalem. Second is the opening of the recently rebuilt Hurva Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter of the old city of Jerusalem. The Hurva Synagogue was destroyed by Jordanian troops at the close of the 1948 Israeli War of Independence over 60 years ago. The Palestinians claim that the rebuilding of this Synagogue is really just an evil plot to destroy the Mosques on the Temple Mount despite the distance between them.

What is the real reason for the calling for a Day of Rage by Hamas and for the start of the “Jerusalem Intifada”? The Hurva Synagogue rededication ceremony had taken place before the call for the “Jerusalem Intifada” had been issued and the Mosques on the Temple Mount still stood, so that alone is insufficient. Could it possibly be the increased inflammatory rhetoric coming out of the Obama administration from all corners of Washington that has inspired the call for an Intifada? Is this Intifada just an opportunistic grandstanding meant to capitalize on the vitriol coming from the Obama Administration in order to weaken the Netanyahu governing coalition and possibly force Bibi Netanyahu into an untenable position leading to the toppling of his government? Could this manufactured incident that has been intentionally blown completely out of proportions be taking a page from the Clinton playbook that toppled an earlier Netanyahu Government? Everything about the posturing and the vindictive proclamations points to a rerun of the treatment used against the last Likud coalition Israeli Government replaced with a pliable Labor coalition? Is all of this simply in order to force new elections in an attempt to get a more pliable Tzipi Livni coalition? Everything sure looks just as manufactured to place Prime Minister Netanyahu between a pair of equally poor choices. Either he insults Washington and the Obama White House or he risks alienating his more conservative coalition members thus toppling his government. Same old ball game.

Once the root cause of this new call for an Intifada is traced back, it leads to President Obama and his war against Prime Minister Netanyahu for not bowing and rendering unto Washington what was demanded. All the rioting, rock throwing, tires and trash burning, and whatever else this naked power play from the Obama Administration all to simply force concessions from Israel brings, it falls on the head of President Barack Hussein Obama. Since President Barack Hussein Obama has brought all this into play, I feel we should give him full honors and call this what it is, the Barack Hussein Obama Intifada.

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